All items are handmade and your order can take 3-5 weeks to produce and ship.


Everything is designed and handmade by Jenny Machete herself so all measurements listed in the item description will be accurate.

I know it's difficult when shopping online using generic size charts so I thought it would be simpler to go by measurements. 

Use a soft measuring tape when you measure yourself. Have a friend help you for a more accurate reading.

If a measurement is for your "waist," you will measure where the smallest part or your torso is or roughly 2-3 inches above your belly button. 

If a measurement is for "under bust" measure under where your breasts are on your ribcage. For people without breasts, the measurement is for your lower ribcage a few inches under your areola. 

If a measurement is for "upper chest" you will measure from center front above your breast bone, under your arm, around your back, and under your arm back to the center front.